Sunday, 30 October 2011


 Next March, I am delighted to tell you, I will be teaching two masterclasses at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery (MCSJ).

The first one is on the 19th & 20th March and we will be making Discoidal Rings. Fun rings with lovely enamelled areas and wires added using my Enamelled Accents technique.

The second workshop is the 21st & 22nd March and is called Joyful Jewellery. We will have great fun on this one creating amusing pieces like the cheerful lot below which will again be enamelled using my Enamelled Accents techniques.

 These workshops will each cover lots of different construction techniques in silver and different enamelling techniques so if you could do both and learn loads of things!!! :)

Why not sign up and come along. I would really love to see you there.

I am back to catch up again on my Bird a Week so you can expect two birds in the coming week. I am puffing around getting there on the first one (now would that be a clue?) :)


  1. Congratulations on the classes. Wish I could come.

  2. Wonderful! Wish you a lot of students and a lot of fun! hugzz....peebee

  3. could it really be
    could it maybe, perhaps be
    a little puffin?:)

  4. I was glad to see that joyful jewellery was a new class for you... I hoped maybe it had been inspired by our Bird a week and all your joyful birds we've seen there recently. Will there be a puffin or nuffin this week I wonder?

  5. Thanks everyone. Ruth - oh ye of little faith! LOL :)))

  6. i think they will look more elegnat in copper or vintage..


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