Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bird a Week 34/52 - Nature's Way

After a couple of weeks of plain silver birds we are back into glorious technicolour this week!

I really enjoyed making this one. It is a small lentil bead which measures 24mm in diameter and it is reversible.

 On the front I have put a little kingfisher with a tiny fish in his mouth using my Enamelled Accents technique.

The reverse is a zany flower texture pattern with some nice cheerful enamelled colours and, of course, my little Joy logo:)

Here is the Haiku poem for it...

Darting, diving bird
Shimmering, silvery stream
Nature in balance


  1. Wowee! That's gorgeous. I'm just working on a kingfisher right now too. A bronze piece that I did in Mexico and was never pleased with how they cast it from my wax model.

    The back is stunning too. It would be tricky to decide which way to wear it. You have certainly mastered birds through this challenge, Joy. Sooo creative and beautiful.

  2. This lentil looks terrific Joy. Love that it is reversible.

  3. Thank you both! Can't wait to see your kingfisher Ruth.

  4. wowzer joy! a spectacular lentil love both sides the same:)


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