Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bird a Week 31/52 - Hummingbird

Well now, this is very strange as I am sure I posted this bird onto my blog last Tuesday but it is not showing up! So... I will post it again :)

This pendant is fine silver made using Art Clay Silver and has enamel and a patina applied to it. I have been trying out a few of my purchases from Chicago with this piece. I bought a couple of lovely moulds from Penni Jo who was at the polymer clay retreat which ran concurrently to MCWC. The hummingbird is made using one of her moulds. The actual shape is cut out using a QuikArt Template and stylus. I am new to using these but I am really liking them. You can find both of these things for sale at Metal Clay Supply.

The reverse is set with 2mm and 3mm CZs and of course my little Joy logo.

Here is the Haiku for the piece...

Darting green and blue

Betwixt nectar laden blooms
Dazzling Hummingbird

Came onto my blog to post the next bird so watch out for the next blog post now.....! :)

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