Monday, 8 August 2011

Bird a Week 30/52 - Kookie Konfetti Bird

While I was at the Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago recently we had a birthday party for Katie Baum. On the table was some confetti including some nice little swirls. It occurred to me they would make the perfect eyes for a kooky bird so I used them to make this piece!! :)

It is a fine silver pendant made using Art Clay Silver with Enamel and a Liver of Sulphur patina. The back has some 2mm and 3mm CZs set.

and the Haiku....

Looking at the world
Dizzy happy spinning eyes
Kooky Konfetti Bird

I am on a serious catch up this week for my Bird a Week. Watch out for another bird tomorrow and one more by the end of the week so I am back up to date :)


  1. Great work, very fashionable. I liked the curious texture.

  2. one is even more beautiful than the other, love them all:)


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