Friday, 4 March 2011

Bird a Week 9/52 - What a Hoot!

Another pair of earrings this week. I have to admit these were inspired by the ceramic workshop I have been taking. Anna makes lovely little owls and these are my take on them.

I think these are happy owls :) I have called them What a Hoot!
Made using Art Clay Silver with a brushed texture and 2mm orange CZs for the eyes.  

My ceramic session last Sunday was a longer one and I went with an idea in mind. I will be honest that the first piece looks a bit strange. It started out ok...

Then I got to the finishing touches - that stunted palm tree thing is supposed to be a fountain! It is to hold a few flowers. Bear with me on this one, I am hoping that once it is blue it will look a little more like water! Of course I had to add a little bird!!

Finally I made another coiled bird. I did not have an idea what type of bird I was going to make so started off with a large sealed coiled shape and then the Make It Bird just appeared!! This is about 6 inches in diameter I think.

This Sunday is my last ceramic workshop. I have really enjoyed these. We will be adding glazes to some things and packing a dustbin full of others to smoke fire so we end up with a mixture of different finishes.

All very exciting!!

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  1. I love your bird a week challenge. Is there a page where I can see them all together?

  2. Thanks Tania, I am having great fun making them :-)
    I have them all together in a set in my flickr album here
    and also on facebook here

    Joy x

  3. wow joy, again these are very "joy"ful!
    love the basin with the fountain and bird, you make good progress!
    have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks Joy, I'm not on Facebook but I found the Flickr pages - beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more!

  5. I really enjoy your metal clay work! No matter what state of mood I'm in, when I visit your blog, I simply feel better! Lovely owls! The little orange CZs look just like Fire Opals that I've used in my designs. Tiny and frustrating, but bright orange color.


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