Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bird A Week 8/52 - Fluffy Chicks

Two birdies this week as I made my first bird earrings!

I cut these little chicks out of Art Clay Silver and textured the front with a brass brush before they were fired. I added a texture on the back as well and my Joy logo. The wire is fine silver fired in place to hang them.

I knew I was going to be a bit pushed for time this week to make my challenge entry so I just kept it nice and simple :-)

Here is the bird blog hop so you can see other entries


  1. Very cute! I like the idea of using the brass brush to give the birds texture, never would have thought of that.

  2. These are quite wonderful. I never thought of using a brass brush on unfired clay. It makes for a wonderful texture!

  3. joy i love them. can you tell me:aren't they heavy? i don't wear earrings myself, but i just wanted to know:)

  4. Thanks:)

    Actually these are very light. They are only 1mm thick. I don't like wearing heavy earrings myself so always make sure when I make them they weight less than about 4g max if I can. These are lighter than that.

    Joy x

  5. Love the feathers! Great job and they do look nice and fluffy!


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