Monday, 14 February 2011

More Ceramic Fun

Yesterday was the third ceramic workshop with Anna Keiller. It was another very enjoyable session.

First we finished off all the pieces we had made in the previous two weeks so they can be bisque fired before next week. Last week I made pieces to add glass fired in place onto. Above is my fishy wall plaque (yes I know I forgot to add any fins!!).....

...and below is another bowl I have made where I am going to experiment with adding some glass onto the bisque fired piece

and the outside of it.

Then we started making objects using coiling. Anna makes lovely fat birds and owls using this technique so I went for my very own fat baby penguin!

He is about six inches tall. I spent the rest of the workshop making him while I got the hang of this technique (who knew I would be rubbish at making the coils of clay for this when I make LOADS of snakes in silver clay these days :-0).

However after a few goes I got to grips with it.

I think I currently have birds on the brain!


  1. great work joy, love the penguin:)

  2. YEah ! Birds on the brain!!! I love all that you are making. The fish looks wonderful -and very much in your style - but the penguin is delightful! I didn't do coil work when I did my ceramic class. So many things out there for us to learn! How many more classes do you have?

  3. Thanks!

    I now have 3 more sessions Ruth, it should of been two but I added an extra one as I was enjoying it so much:-)


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