Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bird a Week 10/52 - Tori

My Bird a Week piece this week is made from something I have had sitting around for a while. Hilary comes to my workshops and bought a lovely notebook with her a while ago. I rolled out a bit of Art Clay Silver and took this impression directly off the front cover of the book as I thought it was so lovely.

This week I cleaned up the shape and added the hobnail decoration down the sides. Then I added a bail and decorated the back. Once the piece was fired I added some fine silver spirals and 24k keum boo. Finally I patinated it with Liver of Sulphur and gave it a light polishing.

I have called this piece Tori which is the Japanese for bird (I hope!!).

Here is the reverse which is set with a 2mm lab ruby.

It has been an exciting time for me in the last couple of weeks, I am a cover girl - TWICE!! - and at my age!!!

More on that in my next post in a day or so. ;-)

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