Monday, 21 February 2011

Ceramic Fun latest!

Just a quick update on my ongoing ceramic workshops with Anna Keiller.

This week we arrived to see the large table filled with all our work from the first two workshops which had been bisque fired.

I just loved the look of my fern bowl with the white ashy remains of the fern still in place.
We spent time applying underglaze paints and oxides to our pieces. Some of them will then have a glaze applied and be kiln fired again. Some will be smoke fired on the last session of the workshop.

Needless to say I got so wrapped up in the decorating I forgot to take any photos until I was about to leave so quickly snapped these two shots of my pieces drying.

The two ducks were the bits I didn't showed you before! See - more birds on the brain!!

The little white duck has a white glaze and a yellow underglaze beak. My fishy wall plaque is all painted with underglaze paints. Mostly though I really liked the oxides. Anna uses these a lot in her work and I really like the effects. We were using copper, iron, cobalt and manganese.

My five session workshop has a break next week before we smoke fire on 6th March. Next week Anna is running a longer one day wonder workshop. I am enjoying this so much I have signed up for the extra session so I can make a few more pieces.

I have a couple of things in mind to make, will there be any more birds? ..... you will have to wait and see ;-)

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