Friday, 7 January 2011

Challenging Times

How about challenging yourself for the New Year.

The latest Metal Clay challenge is open and photographic entries need to be in by 15th January. The theme this time is Show Me The Love. I won't be entering this one as my last entry came in third (yippee) and winners are not allowed to enter the next two challenges now. So here are a couple of Art Clay Silver and Enamel hearts I might of entered! There are some fab prizes so get your entry in quick.

One of my favourite blogs is Ruth Baillie's Inside the Artisan, Birdland Creations. Ruth makes the most wonderful and amusing pieces, and also is talented in drawing and sculpture. The picture above is one of her cartoons.

Ruth has made the Bird A Week Challenge and I have signed up for it. The aim is simple, make a bird a week for the year and post them in the flickr album she has created for it. They can be any medium so if you are a maker why not give it a go. Since I am useless at bird shapes I thought this would be great for me. By December I should of getting the hang of it.

I will be posting my first bird here later ;-)

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  1. Love the hearts! I also like the weekly bird challenge, I will have to see if mom and I can work on making a bird a week or at least try several times this year. Have a great day!


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