Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bird a Week 2/52 - Sitting Pretty

 Here is my next bird for the Bird a Week Challenge - I have called it Sitting Pretty.

I am not sure what type of bird this is, you can make up your own mind. Is it a garden bird sitting on a fence or a seabird sitting on a groyne? I know which I had planned it to be but I think it could be either now it is finished!

 I have never really worked with clay in a three dimensional sculpting way very much before so I am really enjoying making these. It is a wonderful feeling to have a tiny lump of clay and end up with something bird shaped. Just by pulling the tail or pushing the head down a bit it becomes a whole different type of bird. Great fun. I have decided the best way to enjoy the challenge is to not get fussed about trying to make a particular type of bird at the moment but to just be happy with each one if it looks bird like :-)

I am glad I am enjoying working with the clay in a more sculptural way as I have signed up for a ceramic workshop here in Hastings. I am really looking forward to it. It is with Anna Keiller and you can find a link to her workshops on the right hand side of my blog. We start the end of January. I thought it would be good to learn new techniques and maybe I can transfer some of them into miniature to use with the silver.

Here are the other BAW entries so far


  1. Love the bird sitting on the fence - too cool! You are going to have fun in ceramics and I can't wait to see what you create. Have fun!


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