Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bird a Week 3/52

Here is my Bird a Week entry for week 3.

I have called it Love Bird. Ok so it is an obvious name! :-) Sorry the photo is a little dark, I was trying to make the enamel stand out.

It is my third sculpted bird. Still very tiny, the eyes are 1mm CZs and the bird is just 15mm from beak to tail.

I was keen to try out some new pink enamel I had and with Valentines Day approaching I decided to combine everything at once. The enamel is from Zama UK. It is in the BX range of enamels which fire directly onto silver without any flux. Whilst described as the darker colour it is still a lovely pale pink BX141 but after one coat (sorry forgot to take a photo of that) I realised it was going to be too pale for these hearts. I experimented and found that if you put one layer of the discontinued Kujaku Ruby Red 105A over it you get a fab pink! I was very chuffed to discover this.

If you do not have a stash of 105A already though this info is of no use at all to you!,  so I may have a play with some other available colours as well to see what happens.

I decorated the back as well with my little Joy logo so the piece can be worn wither way round.

Another one for the heap to go off for hallmarking next week so I can put it up for sale soon. :)

So that is three sculpted birds in the BAW, time for something a bit different next week maybe....

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  1. Hi Joy
    Love the finished pendant - just moving the hearts to the side a bit made such a difference.
    Thanks again for the wonderful day on Thursday. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  2. I love your hearts. And I am so not a heart person. Yours are very unique.

  3. That is lovely, you have really been busy :)

    I will try and order some of the pink, and if you remind me again I will try and yellow you like too (as if I ever needed to order any more enamel again)

  4. Beautiful. The color of the hearts is really nice. And the sculptured bird looks fabulous. I love all the anatomical details now showing up with the wing tips, neck, tail and CZ eyes. Looking forward to next weeks too....

  5. Thanks all.

    I really didn't think you would like that Jacquie!! You made really good pieces on your workshop, looking forward to seeing you again!

    The yellow is Lemon Yellow Middle Lynne, also from Zama.

    No telling what next week's will be Ruth :-) ....

    Mind you I do miss enamelling on pieces (is that a clue?)

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