Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Snakes Alive!

I don't seem to have much new work to show you at the moment and that is largely because I am in the middle of making some larger pieces.

I did make this yesterday though. The purpose of this piece was to test out the design of the large bail section on this. I am working on a pendant which utilises several of these bail type sections and I wanted to check that the stones set on the curves like this were going to hold nice and flush during firing. I am pleased to say they did. I am not really one for doing much testing per se so I made this into a snake pendant as I have had several requests recently for items with snakes on.

Now I am back off to the workshop to carry on with the creating :-)


  1. Stunning I absoultly LOVE it. If in needs a home.....!!!!

  2. Oh this is stunning, just love your work, i would love to do one of your classes.


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