Thursday, 1 July 2010

Buzzy Enamelling

These titles get worse don't they :-)

Here is a pair of tiny bee earrings that I have just been enamelling. The honeycomb is patinated with Liver of Sulphur. Cute aren't they. I have to use my magnifier working when this small, the optician says it is my age! (thanks a lot!!)

Below is a rather chunky pendant I made a while a go but have only just enamelled. It is reversible with bubbles on one side ...
and stars on the other...
and then patinated for good measure! I am still trying to think of a good name for this piece.

You will remember a few blog posts ago I showed you a couple of Enamelled Accents workshop examples I had been making. If you missed it here is a quick link to it.

I have now patiniated these so here are some new photos.

I do love patiniating things, it really brings up the textures doesn't it.


  1. Those bee earrings are just fabulous!

  2. These all look amazing and how cute are those little bees,x

  3. Those bee earrings are fit for a "Queen"
    nic x

  4. awesome pieces! love the bees too!

  5. I love them! And the bees are adorable!


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