Sunday, 18 April 2010

Super Duper Bloggy Giveaway

It here at long last! My Super Duper Bloggy Giveaway. I know - silly name, but whatever.

The prize consists of a two items that I brought back from Japan with me plus a pendant. There is a lovely postcard of cherry blossom to give you a bit of design inspiration, a set of Japanese stickers which can be used on a mobile phone or anywhere you fancy sticking them (so to speak!) and a solid silver pendant made by me with a nice contasting textured effect. I chose this pendant especially as I think it is quite unisex.

Here are a couple of close ups.

This is the pendant - it measures approx 20mm x 20mm ...

and these are the stickers. I expect you are going to ask me what does it say? The answer - no idea!
So if I have any Japanese speaking readers PLEASE leave me the answer below in the comments section (preferably in English!). It would be much appreciated :) I really hope it says something nice!

To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment below this article in my blog and if you do not already follow my blog it would be really nice if you added yourself in to the followers on the right hand side.

In case you are stuck for something to say I would like you to suggest a name for my hamster. I think of my hamster as a boy by the way.

The winner will be drawn totally at random so if you want to say something else in your comment that is fine too, but if I decide I really like one of the hamster names I will give that person a little surprise gift so there is an incentive.

Only one comment per person please and I will post this prize to the winner no matter where is the world you are.

The giveaway will close on 7pm on Monday May 3rd which is a holiday here in the UK and I will draw one lucky winner.  Please feel free to tell anyone you want about it.


  1. Hi Joy,
    Literally the 4 words means flower, bird, wind, moon.
    I like this name - Brownie, if he is brown. (I know it's a very common name. But I am sure he is small and sweet)

  2. Joy, Your work is amazing. I always enjoy the pictures. A good name for an English hamster would be Shakespear.

  3. please enter me into the comp and i think a good name for the hamster is freddy!

  4. Fab giveaway Joy, the pedant is stunning :) My son called everything male Dave when he was little (no idea why as we dont know any Dave's), so Dave is my suggestion.

  5. ooh I love that necklace Joy, I have to say I agree with sue, I think that shakespear would be a wicked name for your hamster! lol

    Kaylie :0)

  6. Hey, nice that they were nice words..... and is 'Dance with Silver' one of your regular blog followers?

  7. You could call your hamster Rhino, after hamster in the animated film Bolt (very funny if you haven't seen it already!) :)

  8. I like Roquefort. As a name, not cheese.


  9. Great giveaway and I love the pendant, but I like all your creations.

    I thought I would add a Japanese slant on things as you were quite taken with Japan, and something different:
    "Akio" - means bright, male
    "Etsuko" - means joy, young (this is prodimantly female, but incorporating your name too)

    Take care, Kathryn

  10. Hello Joy.
    Just found your blog whilst looking for metal clay tutors. I would love to do a class but live in Somerset which is a bit too far I fear. I once read that hamsters spend their time eating, sleeping & trying to escape. (It's been true in my experience of hamsters.) So how about 'Harry', as in Houdini? A good British name too.
    Thanks for being inspirational. I shall come back here again.

  11. Your pendant is lovely and so is the sticker. Terrific that the words are recognizable/legitimate Japanese script. I like the name Harry, although I have never seen a hamster.

  12. Thanks to Dance with Silver for telling me what the words are. Sounds lovely - I am very pleased!

    Great names for my hamster - if you haven't met him he is at the top of my blog on the right. Do give him some food, he is kind of greedy!! :)

    Keep the entries coming in.

    Joy x

  13. Hi Joy, fab giveway, please count me in!

    George is a good hamster name :-)

  14. Hi Joy, love your work and the giveaways look great. All hamsters should be called Hammy, after the character from "Tales of the riverbank" which I remember from my childhood ( half a century ago!) Mind you, if I feed him much more he won't last long:-)

  15. Hello! I love the pendant, stickers and postcard. I like the name of Max.

  16. I reckon 'Mervyn' for the hamster. :o)

  17. "Side car" for the hamster....

  18. "Side car" for the hamster.

  19. Hello Joy
    What fantastic prizes. I love the name Smart-he (anagram of hamster and he is such a smartie pants)
    Best wishes

  20. Found your blog via Ebay today love your works and please count me in.

    Also the four letters on the sticker (top to bottom)are: lower, bird, wind and moon in Kanji :)

  21. Hello Joy, Found you via ebay, surfing for info on artclay, what an inspiration!! have recently started with the silver clay and am "hooked". Will be looking up your courses and other links. Thanks
    Hamster should be "Arnold", by the way!!
    Elaine x

  22. Ok the giveaway is now officially closed. I shall put all the names in a hat and hubby will draw out a winner.....

  23. Lower I mean flower... :P

  24. very new to siver clay just wanted to say that your site is fabulous and i look forward to watching it more.


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