Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sakura Enamelled

If you read my blog regularly then you will recall a couple of weeks ago I posted a tiny bowl that I made which was patinated with Liver of Sulphur. I promised I was going to enamel it and, guess what, I have!

Here is a photo of it above. I was a bit worried about this as I thought it was not going to look as nice as it did with the patination but actually I am really pleased with the result. It is a sort of mottled red/orange colour - I did not want just a flat even colour.

Here is the before photo and you can see the original blog post about it here.

So what do you think? Which one do you prefer?

The full results of the Art Clay Silver Accessories competion are now up on the website so you can see all the winning entries here. I suggest you use google of something similar to translate the page.

I thought I would give you a few figures on the competition. They received over 5000 entries. First judging narrowed it down to 647 entries. These form the touring exhibition in Japan and from these entries the final judging awarded 34 winners of which 8 are overseas and the remainder are in Japan.


  1. I love it enamelled! Great colour choice.

  2. I LOVE the enamelled one, Joy. The design is utterly beautiful.

  3. wow this is such a gorgeous piece, i love the enameled look, x

  4. I was so lucky to see this at the Enamel conference and it was even more gorgeous in real life :)
    nic x


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