Saturday, 3 April 2010

Down the Drain!

Yes, yes, I know, this was the opening picture in my last blog post, but I wanted to tell you something sort of funny and nice about it.

Just before I posted about this piece on here I was on the phone talking to my good friend Lynne Glazzard and emailed the picture through to her to look at. Her reaction? Oh a drain cover!!! Now you may think that was a bit unflattering about it but I was delighted as it had not occurred to me.

Lynne was one of the people I went to Japan with recently and while there we kept seeing these wonderful drain covers. This is the one she was thinking of. We found it on a path through all the lovely blossom trees and sprinkled with petals that were blowing gently around.
We saw quite a few of them and probably walked over others without noticing as we were so busy looking at all the lovely things around us.

Here are some more of the ones I did spot. There is such fantastic attention to detail in Japan. I can't imagine us taking the time to do this here.

I am just off to start Hastings Hot Houses so if you are coming to Hastings please do come by and say hello.


  1. Wow. Amazing to see beauty in drain covers. They look so pretty. I wonder if someone has done a book of them?

  2. Gorgeous Pics! There's a Flickr group on these, you should submit them :)
    Nic xx


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