Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wow - That Was Fun!!

What a conference! Gosh!!!

Aida launched two fab new products -

Art Clay Copper which fires in just 30 minutes in the kiln without any charcoal or stainless steel box so is REALLY easy to use

Art Clay Lite (which has a percentage of glass so is lighter and great for large scale pieces)


I WON A FREE TRIP TO JAPAN to see the Art Clay factory where Aida make the Art Clay plus we will be doing some workshops while we are there for the week.

I am so excited about it all .....

Photos and more info on it all to come ........


  1. the new products sound awesome. are they available now?
    wow and the trip to Japan, that is just wonderful! lucky you! :)

  2. Well done!! You're so clever...when can we see the winning masterpiece?

  3. WOW, a trip to Japan - that's brilliant.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the conference.

  4. Thanks all. My competition entries are already here on the blog. I uploaded the photos and saved them in draft before I went to the conference and when I posted them yesterday I see they came up as dated 30th Sept so just scroll down the blog.

    The new Art Clay Copper will be in stock soon. We were lucky enough to be able to buy some at the conference and the main supplies hopefully will arrive in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I will have a few more plays so I can help with advise when I start selling it.

    I think we have to wait a short while before the Art Clay Lite arrives.


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