Monday, 12 October 2009

Art Clay Copper

So the really big news at the Art Clay Conference was the launch of Art Clay Copper. Unlike the two versions of copper metal clay which are currently on the market this one is really easy to fire. The existing ones have to be fired in a stainless steel container filled with charcoal to get a reducing atmosphere and the firing is fairly long and requires ramping the temperature up etc.
Art Clay Copper is so much easier. You just fire it at 970c on the open shelf in a kiln for 30mins and then quench in water immediately and pickle if required to remove the firestain.
I did one of the short workshops where we used the AC Copper and this is a picture of the flower pendant I made. First we made and fired the copper part of the flower and then we made the silver part around it and fired again. The two metals do not actually fuse together but the silver goes through a hole in the centre of the copper piece so as the silver shrinks it captures the copper piece. Clever eh.
I shall be playing this and testing it out in the next few weeks so check back for photos of new pieces and what tips I may come up with.
We expect it to be available to sell in a few weeks time and I shall be stocking it in my ebay shop ArtClayUK.


  1. that looks sooo clever, must get uo the nerve ti try art clays!

  2. What a great way of fixing the two halves together! That's so clever.

  3. wow -something else for me to have ago at - and probably mess up !! LOL :-)

  4. Do you know if Art Clay Copper can be fired with a torch? I've been searching the internet to find out and you seem like a good person to ask!

  5. Hi there! I just attempted to work w/ the new art clay copper and found it clumpy and difficult=( I tried moisturizing, but it really did not want to stick together. Have you had this problem? resolutions? thanks, Ashley

  6. Hi Ashley, the Art Clay Copper can be a little awkward at times. Try adding a few drops of water to it, wrap it in cling film, then wrap that in a wet paper towel and leave it overnight sealed up in a plastic baggie. By the next morning the clay should of absorbed the moisture more evenly and be far smoother to work with.

    Hope this helps

    Joy x

  7. Hi Joy,

    Love the ring and your very clear descriptions and explications. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!



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