Thursday 20 August 2009

Hearts Desire

I do love making fiddly little things! This sweet little pendant measures 22mm x 28mm and is reversible. It has just come back from hallmarking so I thought I would take a photo quick in case it sells this weekend at the Shoreham Airshow. If you are coming to the air show don't forget to find me in the craft marquee.
I'll post some dichroic glass I have just fused tomorrow if I can get a nice photo.


  1. That is gorgeous, Joy!

    Hope the show goes well for you.

  2. quite beautiful! good luck at the show.

  3. ooooh i like this ! now i know which one you meant ! its gorgeous - it reminds me of something that snow white should be wearing for some reason! - it has a lovely magical / mystical look to it ! if you know what i mean ...:-))) x


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