Saturday 15 August 2009

Hastings Net Shops

Here in Hastings we are famous for the wooden Net Shops in the Old Town used by the fisherman for storing their nets.

Here is a little prototype I have made using Art Clay Silver. I think it may need to be a bit taller and in reality the planks run the other way but it is more just giving the feel of it rather than an exact likeness (well that is my excuse anyway - ok - I didn't check before I made the first one :)! ). It has a little clapper inside and makes a pleasing tinkling sound when worn. I shall make a couple more and experiment with different sizes and plank directions.

So does it look like a net shop to you?


  1. Yep - absolutely like a net shop!!
    nic x

  2. That's brilliant! I know The Staid where they are , lovely part of Hastings!!

  3. Oh good, thanks - I am glad I am getting the look. I shall post pictures when I have made a couple more.

  4. i think you should add a "demonic daisy" like i did next time :-) !! XX


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