Tuesday 4 August 2009

The Enamelling Mask Go On!!!!!

OK that was dreadful!
So this week I have a bit more free time and the good news is I have started on the mask again. If you don't know what I am talking about then you need to read some of my earlier blog posts about the latest mask I am making, but above is a picture of it before I started enamelling just to give you an idea (or remind you where we were as this has been a bit drawn out!!). Don't worry about all those reflections they will be gone by the end. It is all going well and I am off back to my workshop in a mo to carry on.
Last week I taught the most lovely person Level One in Art Clay Silver. Keay has lived in Ireland for the last few years but is soon off home to her native New Zealand to live. We had a great week and she did really well. Here is a photo of all the pieces she made. Well done Keay. Have a good journey home.

I am now teaching both Level One and Level Two as well as all my other workshop subjects (or anything else related to Art Clay you can think of possibly : )) on either a two to one or one to one basis from Hastings. If you are interested just email me to see what we can sort out. You can find more details on my website here - Art Clay Courses.

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  1. This mask seems to be glorious..

    would like to hold it in hand..


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