Friday, 20 November 2015

42/52 Modern Medieval Cluster Ring

I'm liking this one - it's slightly too big for me though (maybe I should just make all rings my size in case I want to keep them!). Still, I think I will be making more in this style so next time... ;)

I made one large stone ring earlier in this challenge, but this ring is by far the biggest stone set ring I've ever made!! It is silver and the centre stone is a 6mm amethyst CZ. The surrounding stones are 4mm lab rubies and lab sapphires.
Whilst it is large it actually seems to sit quite nicely. I know I could wear it no problem (if it was a smidgen smaller)! In fact I'm wearing it as I type and the stones are super sparkly and catching the light :)

I've called this a Modern Medieval Cluster Ring. I was aiming for a medieval/tudor-ish sort of look - did I succeed?? I used one of my own textures around the ring band and on the back of the stone setting.

I have two more challenge pieces nearly finished so there'll be more posts in the next few days...and part 2 of Japan! :D

Have fun!


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