Saturday, 29 August 2015

30/52 Claricity

A while ago I bought a couple of little carved fluorite bowls from my local stone shop in Hastings - Stonecorner

Actually it is rather dangerous me going anywhere near that shop as I always seem to come away with things I didn't go in for!! :)

Anyway...the plan was to make a stand for each bowl, and this week I've made the first one. Well that isn't quite true, last week I started making the first one for the other bowl, and then managed to break it before it was finished!! So that one is back to the drawing board!!

The stand is fine silver, made using Art Clay Silver, and I wanted a slightly rustic aged look to it. I was trying for a medieval feel - not sure if I succeeded, but I do like the result. The little bowl sit nicely on the top of the stand.

The fluorite bowl measures 42mm x 48mm and is 18mm high. The silver stand is 42mm high. To try to give a sense of scale I took a photo of me holding the bowl next to the stand :)

I made the three legs of the stand curved at each end and then adjusted the shape of the top prongs after firing so the bowl sat safely. Of course I forgot to photograph it before I did that!

As well as the twisted 'rope' of silver holding the legs together there is a tiny silver ball set on each side of it. This gives extra strength as well as a design detail :)

I really enjoyed making this, it is always fun to do something non-jewellery.

Now I need to start the second - again!! :)

Have fun!

Joy x


  1. I think you have a future in the miniatures market:))

    1. I've always wanted to make miniature things!! Maybe I should do more :))) Don't know why I have never really done any before! :D


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