Monday, 10 August 2015

26/52 Precious

I am absolutely delighted that my necklace 'Precious' has won the Grand Prix Award in the Silver Accessories Contest 2015 in Japan!!! You can see all the award winning work on the website :)


The full title of the award is
Award of Minister's encouragement at the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Grand Prix)

How wonderful is that!!! :)

I really was speechless when I was told I had won (and that doesn't often happen!! :) ) - not least because the piece so nearly didn't even get entered. It took me longer to create than any other piece I've made and I encountered an assortment of problems in the process and very nearly gave up on it. 

But I have a song that I love with very special wording...

'When you're doing what you love
And loving what you do
You won't start nothing
That you don't see through.
You've gotta have patience
And a whole lot of faith...'

...and I am so glad I did have patience and faith, and got there. I learnt new skills and overcame the problems and in the end I managed to get it posted on the very last day for the deadline! Phew!!

The necklace is made using Art Clay Silver and the textures are my own designs. The idea was to make two very contrasting sides to the necklace. I pierced out areas on one side and all around the edges of the piece.

On the side for enamelling I carved textures into the cells. On the other side I added 2mm lab rubies.

Then I added 3mm lab garnets on the reverse of the side to be enamelled.

Here is the piece nearly ready to go into the kiln. 

 Of course I meant to carry on taking photos all the way through making the piece, but with time getting short I was concentrating on finishing - and totally forgot to take any more photos until I had completed it!! :)

The entry forms asks for a description of the piece. These are my thoughts and the concept of it...

A reversible pendant showing two different sides of human characteristics.

A joyful, happy front faces outwards. The rigid lines are softened by the muted warm colours and the brighter crisper cool colours. The gold highlights sparkle and are partially worn away as if aged with time. A relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Facing inwards is a steely grey semi-organic cage surrounding a heart of gold. Bright gemstones show passion. A strong will with kindness and determination.  

Life changes daily. Sometimes the joyfulness is hidden inwards and then the heart of gold shines out brightly to the world. 

Once the piece was fired I added 24k gold and enamelled it. Finally I made some enamelled chain links interspersed with twisted chain links, and an enamelled clasp.

Making this piece did turn into a labour of determination mixed with a passion to finish it! :)

In October this year there will be an exhibition in Tokyo of all the entries and an awards ceremony, and I think I just might be there!!! ;)

Have fun!

Joy x


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