Saturday, 9 February 2013

WCC 6/52 - Under the Moon

Now this weeks critter is an interesting one!
Here we have (I thought!!) a cute little owl sitting under the moon. He is fine silver made using Art Clay Silver and has 2mm orange cubic zirconium eyes.
BUT - I posted him onto Facebook and everyone was seeing a green man/ grumpy man with a moustache!! Do you see him? I really struggled till someone told me exactly how he was, and now I see him!!
It just goes to show - we should always have our eyes open to all interpretations in life :)
Anyway on the basis of this being an owl...
here is his poem...
In the dark of the night
Under the moon
He sits on his branch a hooting
But when the sun rises
He will be gone
Back to his nest a roosting
I would love to know what you see when you look at this!!
Have fun!
Joy x

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