Friday, 11 May 2012

Four A Month May - Retro Rainbow Pins

These are my Four A Month for May. I am actually back on time with a challenge!

So, you are thinking, but there are six of them! Quite correct. Once I decided to make them rainbow colours four was just not enough! These are all small pin brooches which can be used on the lapel, on a hat, as a tie pin, just about anywhere you can think of really! Bright and fun in a retro style they are all fine silver with enamel.

I enjoyed coming up with names for these. Below is Yummy Yellow and Perpetual Purple...

These are Rocking Red (my favourite) and Groovy Green...

and finally Outgoing Orange and Bubbly Blue (yes O was a tough one!).

I think they look great on their own or in a group. They are already for sale in my Etsy shop.

I am abandoning hubby and the cats and am off up north on Sunday for a workshop at Craftworx with Terry Kovalcik. It should be an exciting workshop.

I have not been to Craftworx before so it will be great to see it as I will be teaching a masterclass there in August so if you want to learn enamelling with keum boo pop over there now to read all about it!

It would be lovely to see you there ;-)

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