Friday, 16 March 2012

Flowers for Mothers Day

Instead of buying flowers for Mothers Day this year I thought I would make some! :)

My Mum has a lot of my jewellery - what a surprise! As I have been making some pins recently though, and she has not yet got any of those, I made this as a pin brooch.

It is fine silver with enamel made using Art Clay Silver. It is a nice size but the flowers were still a bit fiddly to enamel. Good job I always use a magnifier!

The reverse is just a plain texture with the pin set into a flower shape and my Joy logo.

Hopefully I have included enough colours that it will go with most things!! ;-)

I think Spring has sprung!!


  1. I'm sure she will love it. Such a beautiful gift.

  2. I wish I was your mother :))) hugzz...peebee

  3. It's gorgeous Joy! Is it all enamel or are there sparkles in there too.. Only have my iPod so small screen :-)
    Hope you had a lovely birthday x


  4. Hi Bev, thank you! Was only wondering how you were the other day, we must catch up. Yes we had a lovely day:) No sparkles on this one, just enamel. I did think about it but actually 2mm were a bit large :) !!! Joy xx


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