Friday, 2 March 2012

Bird A Month 2/12 - A Breath of Spring

I'm late!! It is March and I have only just made my February Bird a Month. Things got a bit busy. Must try harder this month :)

Anyway here he is. A cute little bird on a spring branch with some budding blossom. It was lovely here yesterday when I was making this so it seemed just right.

This is a little pin brooch. You can see how small it is in my hand.

I really like this and was quite tempted to keep it for me :), but no, I won't, and he will be in my website shop and my Etsy shop later today. I don't currently have a section for pins and brooches in my shops so I am just off to make one!

The reverse has a sturdy little pin with a clip back which fits nice and securely. The tiny little spike to the left of the pin stops it from turning while you are wearing it.

You could put him onto a scarf, label, jumper or tie. In fact almost anywhere. He would be a perfect Mothers Day gift :)


  1. A lovely piece. Interesting pin. Did you embed it before firing or solder it on?

  2. Thanks Anna, it is fired in place. It is a base metal pin.

  3. This is sooo cute. I love the colours of little bird. Looks great as a brooch. Ideal gift xx


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