Friday 6 August 2010

Rolling Mill Resource Textures

This week I received some lovely textures that I bought from Rolling Mill Resource in the USA. They are small card textures and quite shallow which I thought would be perfect with my Enamelled Accents. I have been having a play with them and am delighted with the results.

The small cards look like this ...

They will not last forever but I can live with that :-). As they are not too expensive I can always buy more but actually it is nice to try new designs all the while.

I made up some pieces to try out my Enamelled Accents technique on .....

and then Enamelled and patinated them .....

the texture on this square catches the light beautifully but it is not easy to show in a photo.

These will make a pair of pretty earrings.

If you are creating jewellery and want to try out the textures you can buy them from the RMR etsy shop here.

The third piece is coming soon ;-)


  1. Oh i really really love this piece, I'm going to save up my pennies as i really want to do a work shop with you.

  2. Wow, so happy you shared this information. I am very curious about rolling mills and can't wait to learn more about them. Your designs are incredible.

  3. Thanks Eve and Cindy. It would be lovely to meet you in person Eve!

  4. Me too Eve, Joy these are so beautiful

  5. Thank you for the tip of RMR. We just covered the rolling mill in class. I love it! And I love those earrings!


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