Sunday, 16 May 2010

Strangely Startling

Another bracelet finished! I've called this set Strangely Startling. Needs a final polish but it is off for hallmarking first. Normally I add the beads after hallmarking and just send the bead wire with the bracelet but with this design I could not.

These lampwork beads were made by Glenn Godden who is SteamPunk Glass. I bought these quite a while ago. I just could not resist the great colours and quirkiness of the wound copper spirals inside these glass 'valves'. I sort of had a vague idea what I wanted to do with them but it was only when I was playing yesterday that I finally got it all together. Not too sure about the steam power bit as every silver element is hand forged! (you would be proud of me Lynne!). In part this entailed hammering the silver on either side of each bead, an interesting business and true to form I managed to hit one bead with the hammer!! Really not a good idea - so sorry Glenn! All your creative hard work and I go and smash one :( Luckily I had a couple of spares for my design so all was well.

Do go and have a look at SteamPunk Glass. Glenn makes fantastic marbles as well as wonderful Little Worlds and I have some marbles just waiting for the right inspiration to be turned into jewellery.

Phew - two sets of jewellery on the run and not a drop of Art Clay Silver between them! It's back to my bench and my clay - I think I am getting withdrawal symptoms!! ;-)


  1. You're right Jean, the colours are glorious. A lovely bracelet.

  2. wow! Thank you for sharing, I'd forgotten all about these, that's much more impressive than anything I'd have made out of them!

    As for breaking them, yep, I've done that too and it's always the last hammer blow when you think it's nealy done!

  3. Love them (sorry to hear about the smashed one though)
    They remind me of firecrackers - fabulous :0)
    Nic xx

  4. He he well at least on the plus side it was the bead I hit with the hammer and not my finger!

    Joy x


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