Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Charms for Charity

"In memory of one of their own felled by cancer, jewelry artists who work with Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay Silver have banded together for the second biennial fundraiser for cancer research, Charms for Charity."

You can read all about this on Naturescape Studios website where Linda has very kindly set up a method to buy tickets via Paypal for those of us outside the USA.

You might wonder why I am promoting this when I am in the UK. Well, when the first Charms for Charity was run two years ago I bought some raffle tickets and guess what -I won a fantastic bracelet filled with beautiful charms by some great metal clayers. I even have a charm made by the wonderful Gordon Uyehara on it.

So if you fancy making a little donation to some great charities, and let's face it is does not matter which country they are in, they are all working towards to the same great goal of defeating these illnesses, then please please do pop over to Linda's site and buy a ticket or two (or more!).

You will be making a difference by giving a little to charity and at the same time be in with a chance of winning a great bracelet. I was so happy to have won one last time I decided to make a few charms myself to send over this year. Here are the six I made just waiting for their little jump rings to be added. As I am still in Japanese mode and making more Cherry Blossom jewellery at the mo I made these in the same style. Below is the reverse of them.

So you may even win a bracelet with a charm on that I have made - but please don't let that put you off!!!!!   ;-)

Joy x


  1. Thank you for posting this Joy, fab charity. I have just bought me some tickets xx

  2. Joy,
    This is a great post! The whole community thanks you for your support. The odds of winning a bracelet is really favorable, so I always buy the 5 ticket pack and get one free. I am humbled by all the donors. Thanks for your contributions (they are beautiful), every contribution counts!
    ~ Holly

  3. Joy! I received my bracelet today and am excited to report that it has one of YOUR charms on it!! If you look at your picture of the charms and start at the top I got the second one going clock-wise. I LOVE it - I love the cherry blossom texture and the addition of the pink 'cherries'. :o)

    Sign me - PROUD Winner, PROUD Owner! :o)

  4. Hi Cindy, how lovely to hear where one of the charms ended up. I am glad you like it. It is such a great cause as well isn't it.

    Joy x


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