Friday, 12 March 2010

Japan - the last day

Ok so you are thinking this is day 5 right? Well actually because Japan is 9 hours ahead of us when I did the journey out post at the begining of this saga it actually ended on day 1. So when I posted day 1 it should of been day 2 etc etc!! So in fact this is day 6. Clear as mud eh :) So the trip continues....

Our last full day in Japan. Today we went to Kamakura which is famous for the Great Buddha.

Once again we travelled by train. We were getting to be seasoned travellers through the vast railway network now. The journey took us about 1 ½ hours. It was interesting to see the style of houses change as we got away from Tokyo and it’s suburbs, but the route was still built up all the way. We never saw any rolling countryside.

Today the forecast was not good and it was already raining when we arrived at Engakuji Temple and its vast complex. There were beautiful gardens and buildings which we slowly wandered around taking loads of photos.

We then made our way to the main shopping area and had time to peruse all the lovely little shops and sample some more fantastic street food for lunch. Sadly the heavens really opened so we abandoned our trip around the next temple, but not before seeing a Japanese wedding. Dice asked if we could take some photos of them and while we took our photos their official photographer took photographs of four soggy westerners doing their tourist bit!
Back on another train for a short journey to our last stop. The Great Buddha. An amazing sight and well worth the journey. Some of us made quick detour on the way back to the station to see the Pacific Ocean and do a quick bit of beachcombing for shells and sea glass.

When we eventually arrived back at Fuchu there was a chance for one last taste of Japanese food. Dice took us to a Japanese pub, establishments that put equal importance on the food and the drink. This was nothing like a British pub! We sat in a small booth area of our own and as Dice ordered dish after dish of food he thought we should try we just happily ate and drank. A wonderful end to a wonderful week.
Above - some of the food we sampled and Dice, translator and guide extraordinaire!!

Next morning it was an early 6.15am start for the long journey back to the UK.

The week just flew by. It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful to Glyn Mitchell for organising it and for the generosity of Aida Chemicals in supporting it and especially to Dice, without whom the trip would just not have been as good.


  1. wow - what a trip ! Im very jealous ! well deserved though joy .x

  2. Wow! Sounds and looks like an amazing trip, thank you for sharing this wonderful experiance and pictures with us!

  3. I have just had chance to catch up with your Japanese adventure (I have had such a manic week) and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Your photos are amazing and it's confirmed in my mind that it is somewhere I definitely have to go to!

    Thanks for sharing your trip, Joy.

    Laura x


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