Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Japan - The Journey Out

Bright and early on Sunday 28th February 2010 we all arrived at Heathrow to meet up with Glyn & Maria Mitchell of ZamaUK who had organised the trip. In total we were 11 very excited people and none of us could believe we really were off the Japan. After a delay due to a technical problem we we boarded the plane and were off. Keen to get into the mood of the trip Lynne Glazzard and I went for the Bento box option when dinner was served on the plane. An assortment of items unfamiliar to us and just how should we eat them with chopsticks on a plane? A friendly Japanese couple with no English helpfully demonstrated to us what to do with each bit. Um... a step learning curve coming up we thought! Twelve hours later we had landed in Japan.
At the Railway Station above, Glyn and Maria getting tickets and below the route map!

As we had arrived late we had to wait for a later coach transfer and then a train for the final part of our journey to our hotel in Fuchu so we were all very tired on arrival. A quick wash and brush up in our rooms and we were straight back out following Glyn (who was the only one who had been to Japan before) wide eyed at our first taste of a new country. We ate our first meal in Japan and retired to bed after nearly 30 hours on the go.

The view of the railway line from my sixth floor bedroom window

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