Monday, 13 July 2009

Super Shiny

So.... the mask is now polished up and all bright and shiny. Bear with me on this one. I know the reflections make it look a bit iffy! Next comes the enamelling and then patination.
While I was making the mask I had several other things on the go including using up some of my excess of Art Clay Silver paste to make a bead. By using thick paste and heat drying it you get sort of a reticulated effect in the silver which I think has a sort of a lunar landscape look to it. I added a few dots and a couple of stars around the holes just to finish it off. It is quite heavy and tactile and I rather like it. I am think of teaming it up with a few lampworked beads to make a nice necklace.


  1. I absolutely love this mask - it reminds me of one of the early James Bond movies (the voodoo one). Don't mean to be morbid. Love the style of the pendant.

  2. beautiful joy - as always ! XXX


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