Friday, 17 July 2009

Buzzy Enamelling

The mask is still ongoing so meanwhile here is a look at some of the other things I have been enamelling this week including a couple of bees. What a difference a bit of colour makes to things eh. Just off to set up for the weekend craft fair now.


  1. The enamelling does make a difference - my favourite is the bee on the leaves with the flower.

  2. My favourite is the concentric rainbows piece :)

  3. Oh my Joy they are gorgeous ! i love the bee on the flower ( bee being my nick name nothing to do with a sting in my tail ;-) )id be too scared to wear it though as its sooo life like !! actually i love the butterfly on the heart ...i think thats my fave!!ooh i duno - i love them all - xx

  4. Thanks everyone. I think my favourite is the blue butterfly on the green leaves. Probabaly because I love that blue enamel anyway and it came out the kiln looking more realistic than I had expected.

    Really busy day at the craft fair today - hoping for the same tomorrow.

    Joy x


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