Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Silver Curls Bracelet

I have had these fabulous glass beads by Laura Sparling for quite a while now. They have lovely pale grey curling folds inside and are encased in clear with some nice tactile enamel on the surface. I made two heavy silver lentil beads using Art Clay Silver to go with them several months ago during a play day with my friend Bev - bet you wondered when I was ever going to use them eh Bev :)
My plan was to make a necklace out of them but every time I put them together in various ways it just did not work for me. Either I did not like the way they sat or something about it each time. In the back of my mind I kept thinking maybe I should make a bracelet instead but I already make a lot of those and people do seem to buy necklaces more so no, the plan was for a necklace and back on they shelf they kept going to be looked at another day.
Yesterday Laura wrote a really interesting piece on her blog about taking too much notice of the odd criticism and ending up making things you think people want rather than what makes you happy. When I was back up in my workshop later I took the box out again and thought that's it - it is gonna be a bracelet.
So here it is and I rather like it. It sits beautifully on the wrist and has a lovely weight.
If you want to read Laura's thought provoking post it is on her blog.


  1. Joy this is wonderful. It reminds me of moonlight. I love the silver beads you've made - they echo mine beautifully. You are so clever!

    Thanks for the mention about my blog post. :o)

    Laura x

  2. I love the way you've echoed the beads with the silver clay - it's so elegant
    Nic x


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