Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Art Clay Play Day

Last Saturday was the second special Art Clay workshop that I taught for Region 7 of the Guild of Enamellers. There were 9 people on this one and it was just mad from start to finish. I normally only teach between 1 to 5 people at once (see my website ) but as this was a Guild fun workshop we fitted more in. They made soooo much stuff I had a job to keep up with what everyone was up to! The photo above (sorry not very good) is just a selection of it as we were firing right up to the end and quite a bit went home fresh out of the kiln (cooled down first of course!) or had a quick brushing to be finished later. I think they made 3 or 4 times this amount with people using between 10g to 100g of clay!!! Well done all of you though - you produced some great things.

This weekend I am at the Smallholders Show at Ardingly on Saturday and Sunday. If you are in the area do come and say hello. This is my third year at this show and it is a great day out. From ducks and tortoises to dog shows, crafts and lovely food, you can get it all at this show! As well as selling my handmade jewellery I shall also be demonstrating on both days, showing how to use Art Clay Silver. Last year was a real hoot as my stand was in a howling gale!! It is surprising how difficult it is to find clear plastic texture sheets when they blow away onto a sandy floor and I had to get quite inventive making a little hearth to torch fire in hoping my torch would not blow out!! Made it all the more fun really though :)


  1. Wow, they certainly look as though they all got as much out of it as they could! Well done you, must have been exhausting!

  2. Yeah, I knew I should not of shown them my examples of lentil beads - they insisted they wanted to dive right into making them but everyone did great.


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