Wednesday, 30 September 2015

36/52 Captured Crystal

This next challenge piece turn into a labour of love - largely because of a major saga to photograph it!!

I have NEVER posted so many disparate photos of one piece...ever! I've had such a hard time trying to photograph this :D

I actually finished it several weeks ago, and since then have had various attempts at photographing it. It's too large for my normal set up (note to self - don't make large things!!!).  I've ended up with a photo (or two) from each try so I do hope it gives you the general idea of it. 

I wanted to create a piece using a double terminated quartz crystal. I've made several pieces this year with wands/points but not one that was pointed at both ends. I really liked this crystal and thought it would be nice to create a way of hanging it so that the crystal could still be removed if desired. 

This was the solution I came up with. Each circular piece of silver is textured on both sides and the large ring is notched to the exact shape of the crystal so it sits snugly whilst still being free to move a little.

Around the large ring I hung three garnet beads to add colour and movement to the whole piece. They swing nicely when it is worn.

 I originally created this as a pendant, and it certainly could be worn as one, but it is a little bit on the large side for something I would wear. The quartz measures 68mm from point to point, so I decided it would be lovely to make a base and hanger for it.

I used a piece of bog wood which I polished up to a nice shine and found some good strong springy wire. I made a nice arc of the wire and a hook at the end of it (yes, I know it doesn't look like a nice arc in the photo below but it really is a nice curve - it's just the angle in that not very good shot!!).

Today was a lovely day here in Hastings so I took it down to the Old Town for a couple more shots - and decided it really was time to show the world!! 

Today, at last, I got some nice light into the crystal, and the bonus of our unique, world famous Net Shops in the background!!!

I've  gotten used to it sitting on my table while I'm working and I think I prefer it on the stand!

One final thing - you might notice in my photos that when hung on the wooden support there is and extra ring and hook and small black bit.

When I hung the pendant direct onto the stand it could not turn at all and I wanted it to be able to. After a bit of searching I found some teeny tiny micro swivels used in fishing - perfect!!! I'm sure I'll find a use for more of these in the future! 

Have fun! :)

Joy x


  1. Love it loveit!!! Love the a great idea!! It's hard to photograph transparent stones and silver but I think your photos are beautiful!!!


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