Saturday, 10 January 2015

2/52 - Amberesque

My second challenge piece of the year. I really enjoyed making this one!

I'll be honest, I've had the domed section sitting around for a couple of months. I made it in a fit of enthusiasm having thought of the idea, and then could not settle on how exactly to use it! So there it sat, just looking at me - taunting me to get my brain into gear - lol! :)

I kept picking it up and drawing ideas around but none jelled. Then at last I hit on a shape I thought worked really well for it, and it all came together over the last week. Here is the centre section nearly ready for firing.

And this is the finished pendant. It is quite large, the centre section measures 45mm across. It's made using Art Clay fine silver clay, and has an amber cabochon set into the centre. After firing I added the enamelled areas, and then added lots of 24k gold dots onto the dome by the keum boo method. I have to say they were quite fiddly, and I now know that trying to add 18 gold dots (the number of them around the lower part of the dome!) all at once is pushing my capabilities of fast burnishing to the very limit!! :) Still, I managed it - just!!

Finally I added a patina to give the pendant an antique effect, and then started on the chain.

I knew I wanted to make a chain for it, the problem was what would go with it. I was really pleased with the the final result. The chain is made using a mix of silver wire and silver clay. Every textured link is double sided, so no problems if it turns when you're wearing it! I shall be continuing the chain making through the year to see where I can go with it :D

Due to the shape of the front of the pendant this piece isn't reversible as it wouldn't lay properly that way round. But the back is as important as the front in my view, so I added some nice swirling designs.

I always seem to end up with swirls on everything!!

Joy x


  1. Absolutely stunning! I've just watched a video demonstrating how to do keum boo so I can imagine how super fiddly that part was {not to mention the rest of it of course!} :D


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