Friday, 26 April 2013

WCC 17/52 - Ollie

Now this one REALLY is completely different. No metal clay in sight!!
Last weekend I went on a workshop at the British Museum to make a mosaic. It was only a short three hour session, and I've never made anything like this before. It was a bit rushed to fit it all in, but in the end we all got finished!
The workshop was to coincide with the Pompeii exhibition on at the museum, so we started off with a talk about Roman Mosaics, then we were given a few design ideas, or told we could do our own design. Well mine had to be a critter didn't it!! I'm in the process of making some more of my owl earrings so an owl seemed an obvious choice for me. Then we chose some tiles for our design, were shown how to cut the tiles, and were off. We had about an hour and a half to get the hang of cutting tiles and put our mosaics together. Phew, so there was no hanging around. This piece is about 20cm square.
There wasn't any time to grout our pieces, but as it happened I had some white mosaic grout at home so I added it yesterday. You can see it makes it look totally different to how it looked at the end of the workshop in the photo below.

Maybe white was not the best colour to use, but that was all I had! Still it was great fun and I enjoyed it all. There's definitely a LOT of room for improvement but I do feel inspired to give it another go.
You might wonder why I just happened to have some mosaic grout at home!! Well, for quite a few years now I have planned to try micro mosaics, but of course have never actually got around to it. Now I think I just might give it a go... :)
Here is Ollie's poem
Two beady eyes
in orange and black
Vitreous and ceramic
mosaic plaque
Phew... that is the end of my blogging marathon for today. This is the last of EIGHT posts on my Weekly Critter Challenge to bring me right back up to date. Do check out the rest of them :)
Joy x


  1. Hi Joy.. They are all TOTALLY gorgeous !
    I think the baby penguin is my fave, but then again...
    The mosaic is gorgeous..
    Well done x

  2. Who was the teacher of the mosaic course? Was it Martin Cheek? I went to one of his courses in Broadstairs. It's great fun. isn't it! Love the Ollie Owl

  3. sorry, I'll try again, I think I failed with my last comment; I'm just wondering if the teacher was Martin Cheek? I went to one of his courses in Broadstairs. Great Fun and I love your Ollie Owl!

    1. Thanks Anna. No, it was a lady, now I am trying to remember her name!


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