Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Rings & Ritzy Rings!!

I have been busy making rings! I am finding that rings seem to sell very well at the moment so I shall be making lots more! The ones above I made last week. They are all fine silver made using Art Clay Silver. You know me, I love my colours and textures even though there is no enamel on these.

I have also finished my next class on CraftArtEdu and it is now up online. It is called Ritzy Rings!!
The ring below is the piece I make in the class...

... and these ones are all made by the same method. In the top photo the two on the right and the one at the bottom centre are also Ritzy Rings. As you can see you can add a lot of variety with this technique :)

You can find the information all about the class and a preview on CraftArtEdu here ;-)

I have also just updated my list of Craft Fairs so maybe I will see you at one soon?

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