Monday, 9 January 2012

Bird a Month 1/12- Peace Bird

My first bird of 2012! I know some people had expected my last Bird a Week entry to be enamelled so to make up here is a reversible lentil bead style pendant with enamel on both sides!

It is made of fine silver using Art Clay Silver and has Enamelled Accents on one side with a rainbow dove of peace.

On the reverse is a bright enamelled rainbow sunburst and it is set with three tiny 1.5mm cz stones and my Joy logo.

I have been trying to decide whether to continue my little Haiku poems for this year or not. Any thoughts?

I would quite understand if you have had enough  of them...!!! ;-)


  1. Oh Joy you are spoiling us! Reversible, dove, starburst, rainbows and silver...

    Absolutely beautiful! I absolutely love it.

    (I'm now wondering if I can make a rainbow dove cling...)xx

    Ali x

  2. Woooow! This pendant is stunning!!! And keep up with the haiku. I love haiku. It forces editing and pithier observations. (Just a personal preference...I tend to write haiku the most. I'm not good at rhyming poetry.)

  3. Thanks Ali, I shall expect to see a rainbow dove at Lancing!!

  4. Thanks Jenn, I will restart the Haiku then, I enjoy doing them :)


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