Monday 6 September 2010

Back from Japan

No I don't mean I have just come back from Japan, I mean that my venetian mask Spirito di Venezia has just come back.

Earlier this year I entered the International Silver Accessories competition in Japan and was delighted to be awarded an Honorable Mention. My piece has been on exhibition in Japan and has now just made its way back home to me along with my wonderful certificate. It is large and beautiful on heavy vellum with gold embellishments. It came if a lovely tube so was quite curled and I had to use my murano glass (appropriate don't you think!) paperweights to hold it down plus the mask itself in the bottom right hand corner.

What do you mean you can't understand what it says!
OK, me too ;-) so here is the translation which was also enclosed (phew!)

I am going to get it nicely framed.

Now the mask is back I took the opportunity to take a photo I forgot to do before it went to Japan. All three of my masks together. I decided I would keep my first mask on the left as I use it for all my advertising and the one on the right has not yet found its new home so I pleased to be able to put them all together below.

Finally - meet Dudley....

Dudley is sooo cute, handmade and about 10cm high when sitting.

I tell you more about him soon....


  1. Beautiful masks, Joy. Congratulations on your award.

    Loving Dudley - hmmm, now I wonder where he came from!! Where you are positioned at a craft fair can be very dangerous, can't it!!

    I will be working on your order shortly so won't forget to bring it to Lancing College! See you there....

    Ali x

  2. Those masks are wonderful. The one you are keeping is my favourite.

  3. Your masks are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations again.

  4. Well done on your award and rightly so, as the mask was such a stunning piece, as is the other two.x


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