Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Simple Chic

Do you ever buy beads and then think um.... now what am I going to do with these?
I bought these gorgeous beads from Laura Sparling a while a go but every time I thought of something to use them in somehow it just did not do justice to them. The patterns are wonderful on them. They are large at 18mm in diameter and just wanted to speak for themselves. I think these neck wires and a couple of simple Art Clay silver beads set each one off really well and they make three lovely simple necklaces.

Below are some other pendants I made at the weekend. The two on the outside have dichroic glass in them and once again the photo does not really catch their sparkle and colour. They have to go for hallmarking yet before I can sell them. I really like the middle one best though. I am calling it Starry Starry Night and the stars have 22k Art Clay Gold paste fused into them. Nice eh?


  1. These are lovely, I love the necklace with Laura's beads simple but elegant. You pendants are stunning too, the blue one is dreamy xx

  2. Simple is sometimes so much betterI love what you have done with Laura's beads. It really makes them stand out.


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