Saturday, 3 January 2015

1/52 - Chinoiserie Dreaming

My first challenge piece of the year. Exciting!!!

I've called this Chinoiserie Dreaming. 

I recently visited the Ming exhibition at The British Museum - it was wonderful, and so very inspiring. I particularly liked the blue and white porcelain flasks which were the inspiration for this piece.

It is quite a large piece measuring approx 40mm x 38mm, and the flask itself weighs in at 35g. I made it using Art Clay Silver. Here's a shot of it before just firing. The piece is reversible with sakura cherry blossom on one side and bamboo on the other.

As it had taken quite a while to make I held my breath while it fired!! (Well not all the time of course, it was firing for quite a long time and I wouldn't be here to tell the tale if I had of done!!) ;)

Once fired it was polished and enamelled, I was keen to come up with a technique that gave the impression of the blue and white porcelain. I was fairly happy with how it went.

After a great debate (with myself!) as to what to hang it on (silver chain?? red silk cord???) I eventually settled on making a silver chain with metal clay elements added in, and dyed sea bamboo beads to give a nice colour accent. I gave the chain a nice antique look to match in with the flask. 

Making chains for my pieces is one of the things I will be concentrating on a lot more this year. Before I ever encountered silver clay I made loads of chains. It's time to incorporate them back into my work :)

I had great fun making this piece, but there was an ulterior motive to it as well. This will be a new teaching project for me. 

So...anyone up for making a Ming vase??? :)

Have fun!

Joy xxx


  1. Absolutely beautiful Joy. We went to that exhibition and this is a perfect distillation of everything in it. I love that restrained palette and both designs

    1. Thank you Lynne!, I really appreciate your comments :D

  2. One of these years my daughter and I hope to come take a class with you, we passed through Hastings in September

    1. It would be lovely to see you again Mary! :)

  3. It's stunning and so beautifully made! I think the chain you made goes perfectly with it too.


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