Sunday 9 December 2012

My Challenge for 2013...

It is that time of year again when I am thinking about challenges for the coming year.
In 2011 I took part in my first challenge. It was the Bird a Week Challenge and I have to say I really enjoyed it. From having never really made any birds I really got into them by the end of the year. So much so, in fact, that for 2012 I could not quite let them go and continued with a Bird a Month 2012.
Having got the hang of making a piece each week (although I would admit at times it was hard), I felt I needed more than one piece a month for 2012 so I also took on the Four a Month Challenge. That meant every month I was making 5 pieces. OK at times I was behind but now I only have my December ones to finish and I will have completed both challenges!!
On balance though, I preferred 2011 and the weekly challenge. Making monthly pieces allowed me to procrastinate more, and leave things to the last minute. Of course on the weekly challenge I also got behind at times, but overall, for me, it was much more of a challenge.
So... enough of the waffling... I am sure you can see where this is going!
For 2013 I am going back to a weekly challenge. I think I am fairly birded out so I have decided on critters!!
Now I am already gathering not everyones' definition of a critter is the same as mine, so let me clarify what mine is!! To me a critter is a creature. And any type of creature is fine :)
Looking back though my work I actually found very few pieces with any kind of creature other than a bird (what a surprise!). These are five pieces I did find, and possibly they are a taste of what might be in store for the year - or maybe not ;-) 
Above is a pair of guinea pig earrings and below is my tree frog... 

then of course there was my fluffy sheep...
and there just HAD to be something rainbow, a seahorse...

and finally a pair of piggy earrings.

So my challenge for 2013 is the.......
other wise know as WCC :)
(no abbreviating please! - we don't want to lose one of those Cs -lol)
If anyone wants to join me they are more than welcome, or I shall happily go along on my own if not ;-)
Here are the rules I have set :-
1. Make one piece every week and post a photo of it here (and everywhere else of course!)
2. The theme is critters - any type of creature or anything relating to one counts
3. Any medium
4. It must be created by you.
5. Join in for as many weeks as you want to, but the real challenge is to see if you can make 52 entries by making one and posting one each week (and no getting ahead!).
So watch this blog and my Facebook page for weekly updates and expect an assortment of critters in 2013!!!
Joy x


  1. Hey! Those piggy earrings are wicked cute! My daughter will surely love animal accessories like these, especially the piglet earrings. I hope we find something like that this weekend :)

    Paige Low

    1. Thanks, if you can't find anything email me and I can always make some for you ;-)


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