Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Japan - Day 3

The second day of workshops. Today we had an intensive morning going through the 26 projects in the Sweet and Men’s project books. These are the two new lines of Level 1 and Level 2 projects which are expected to be launched here in the UK at conference in September. The new books are to be released in English and we were fortunate enough to be given prepublication copies of them. All the projects were explained to us pointing out the variances from the existing projects. It is going to be an exciting time when they are all up and running giving more choice for people take the certification levels.

Below - Ryota working hard
After lunch we were offered the choice of making either the Bee project or the Spider project which both have the bezel set stone in them and are in the new books. I opted for the Spider project. It was a fun piece to make.
Above - Glyn, Maria & Enid working hard. My finished Spider!

Dice provided some traditional Japanese refreshments mid afternoon when he surprised us with a tray of traditional fish shaped cakes which all had wonderful gooey filings inside. Yum.

It was a long day and we returned to the hotel around 6.45pm. That evening five of us returned for some more Tempura and sake – it really was that good!

Above - the streets around the hotel in Fuchu

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