Monday, 13 April 2009

Welcome to my Blog

OK I have decided it is time to jump on the blog bandwagon. So here goes.

This is my shiny new blog. I shall try to update it when I get the time.

First the intro. I'm Joy Funnell. I make jewellery.

I love to play with silver clay, enamels and glass. I am a Senior Instructor in Art Clay Silver. I teach workshops in it and I also sell Art Clay materials and tools in my eBay shop and on my website. Most of all I love making (and of course selling) my jewellery.

Short and sweet to start off with! (that doesn't sound like me!) I shall be improving the whole blog thing as I go along. Why not follow me to see how I get along.

Back soon.


  1. Aha! Found you now, good and I love the fish too x

  2. The fish are fun. I love that you can feed them by clicking the mouse.

  3. I am feeling sooooo slow at this game but thank you for asking me to join. Zamaartclays is re branding as Zamauk soon with a flash new site so I may have to twitter from that.
    Well done will be in touch soon.

  4. Joy! These peices are absolutely beautiful! And well done for your new craftsman status - you deserve it! I am about to go to my workshop and start enamelling - I'm all inspired looking at your fab entries. Of course mine will be completely simple compared to those! Best Wishes, Bev Bunn

  5. Thanks Glyn and Bev.

    Practice makes perfect Bev :-). Don't forget to send photos.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new site Glyn.


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